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Why Bitcoin Musings?

After I fell down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, I found myself watching a lot of educational content on YouTube and listening to a lot of podcasts. Some of these talks contain some very important pieces of information that could really help newcomers understand Bitcoin, however, those are buried deep down in hours and hours of audio content, which seems nobody is taking time to even write down or somehow index.

I found myself saving links to my favourite such videos or podcast episodes, thinking either I will watch them again later, or I will send them around to friends who were asking me things about Bitcoin. But then I realized that, sometimes, I am saving a link to a 1 hour discussion when all I really want to remember are a few key ideas. And I was never going to watch the whole talk again just to get back to those ideas. So I started writing these down in a text file.

And then I thought… I am probably not the only one interested in having these gems written down. So I decided to put them online.

Author: @ibz

Twitter: @bitcoinmusings