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Bitcoin is pure monetary energy

Michael Saylor on SALT Talks

What I think is that Bitcoin is an elemental force similar to steel, electricity or oil.

John D. Rockefeller found a way to channel chemical energy via oil, created Standard Oil, changed the world. Drove down the cost of energy by three orders of magnitude. Everything changed.

Andrew Carnegie came up with steel. There’s no New York City without steel. Build a building more than four floors… there’s nothing without steel. It created the entire modern civil engineering era.

Andrew Mellon brought forth aluminium. That’s why he became rich. Try to build an airplane without aluminium. There is no aviation industry without aluminium.

Electricity. Think about the world without electricity.

Romans had aqueducts. The city of 500.000 people shrinks to 25.000 if you turn the aqueduct off. It’s channeling hidraulic energy.

Bitcoin is pure monetary energy. For the first time in the history of the world we figured out how to create a software network that will store and channel monetary energy with no power loss. That’s a million times better than the gold “network”.