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The Reset

Godfrey Bloom on Stephan Livera podcast

The rumor on the block is that there’s going to be this “reset”, which makes me… This word “reset”… When governments use words like “reset” it means they’re going to steal all your money. They are going to do something nasty to you. What they’re doing is resetting their own mistakes. […] I think they probably know there is going to be a collapse of fiat currency or there’s going to be a collapse of banking as we know it today, which is why they talk about “reset” and which is why they want to get into a whole new global digital currency, if they possibly can, but controlled by them. The attraction for me for Bitcoin is that it’s not controlled by [the] government. There is no point in getting into a digital currency which is (already) run by the banks - the central banks and politicians - it’ll go the same way: it will be degraded.