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Cypherpunks and locality

Michael Goldstein on Stephan Livera podcast

An important concept that is mentioned a number of times in the cyphernomicon is the concept of locality. It’s basically a - sort of - localism of governance. So, locality is saying “Who’s best to handle private keys? Is it the government or is it the individual?” And locality would say “Well, who better to know how that private key ought to be used than the individual it actually represents?” And because of that, what they argue is that there is a stronger tendency towards self-responsibility, as opposed to what we see today on Twitter (and similar) platforms where, someone says something that is perhaps unsavoury, or perceived by another individual as being false or misleading information and they have to sit and appeal to a higher authority, ultimately Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey, to come in and make a decision on how it ought to be. Whereas with a moral local an individual would take some self-responsibility. You’re gonna gain the knowledge of how to scan the headlines or subject lines of emails that come in and say “OK, this one sounds interesting, this is from someone I like”. You’ll be building your own personal tools as to how to identify things out of the mess of the internet as opposed to just hoping that Mark keeps your feed, or your timeline clean and tidy.